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Crow’s Burger Shop in Temple

Crow's Burger Shop in Temple photo 1

I’ve been neglecting this little side project of mine for a while now, but not for lack of material. I’ve actually built up quite a collection of photos and savory weigh-in on some local eateries. My apologies for the lag, but here’s to starting the new year with some serious deliciousness!

The first of which involves a random hankering for something more substantial than the deli meat and cheese in the fridge, something terrible for your waistline but awesome for life at the same time: Crow’s Hamburger Shop in TempleCrow's Burgers

The boyfriend and I each got a cheeseburger, order of fries and a coke. It was a pretty tasty burger. And the price didn’t make me instant-regret my lunchtime decision.

(photos by Josh Bachman)

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Lazy Night Feast: Ervin’s Chicken

Ervin's ChickenYou can smell Ervin’s Chicken before you even turn off of W. Adams Ave. Fried chicken is another one of those foods I remember from my childhood. Mom soaked each piece in salt water, rolled it in flower, and then dropped in the griddle. The entire house filled with the smell of goodness.

In fact, I am pretty sure that unless the result is too dry or not battered well, I’m going to give it a thumbs-up. (Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my favorites; like this place in Round Top, Texas with buttermilk-soaked fried chicken. Soooo goood.)  Continue reading

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An ode to the Breakfast Taco #1

When to the southern star my heart does yearn

And absence long does cause that heart to ache
Then southward must every step drive, to earn
The rewards of long nights’ sleep…to wake
The spirit and the mind and tell
Of ancient sacred spells to cast:
Shelled egg, warm and spicy gold,
And cheese, grated fine to soften well,
Potatoes fried and crisp, and last
Tortilla grilled and warm, all enfold.

– Lori Holder-Webb, author of the blog,  I’m not your Father’s Accounting Professor

Someone once described a breakfast taco to me as over-lauded and anti-climatic. Obviously, that person doesn’t know the comfort that can come from bacon, egg and potato blanketed in a warm tortilla. And while I love making them at them home and eating them at every major fast-food chain, I especially love finding local places that help me get my b-taco fix. 

This morning while walking my dog, Barley, I whipped out the old Blackberry and set about trying to find out where I might some of these delicious day-starters. (Yeah, yeah, I am obviously still a noob. Feel free to help a girl out with suggestions below!) Yelp!ers were raving about this little joint on 31rst in Temple called El Taco JaliscoContinue reading

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