Bang for Your Buck: Taqueria Mexicano Grill

Taqueria Mexicano Grill

While there are definitely more savory Mexican options, I think I’ve probably been to Taqueria Mexicano Grill more than any other in the area to date for two reasons: drink specials and cheap/filling food.

You are served free chips, salsa and queso when you sit down. However, I have ordered their queso with meat and queso flameado as my main thing while there. (I have a cheese addition, okay?!) Both were great!

My normal entrée choice tends to be the chicken taco salad or chicken quesadilla depending on how much I feel like indulging calorie-wise. Coupled with the $1 Margarita specials they offer on Tuesday, two can eat for between $20-30.Taqueria Mexicano Grill

Unfortunately, service-wise, they can be hit or miss. I’ve had great waiters that kept the rounds of chips and drinks coming, but I’ve had waiters forget to even bring me silverware despite several requests. My suggestion is to go with the idea of sitting for a while and spending time with friends. Don’t be in a hurry and roll with what comes.

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