Saturday Excursion: Dancing Bee Winery at Walker Honey Farm

Walker Honey Farm, Dancing Bee Winery

Dancing Bee Winery might be small inside, but the experience was more than enough to pass a few mid-day hours this past Saturday. Inside the modest building, you can shop for a variety of honey and honey products, watch the sappy goo fill bottles and packages for shipping, see bees buzzing around in a hive, and, most importantly, indulge in some locally brewed and bottled goodness.

There is an outdoor patio area, but the boyfriend and I sat at the bar inside. For $6 you can taste five samples of your choosing from the list of the winery’s wines and meads. We sampled everything from their Texas Two Step dry mead to their semi-sweet Cyser-Apple Melomel. (The latter can also be served heated and used for cooking.) And, although we didn’t partake, they also offer single ($6) and double ($10) cheese plates to accompany tastings.

We DID, however, purchase the Blackberry Melomel ($17) and a jar of honey peanut butter ($6.50). Plus, we went home with the two tasting glasses for free!Walker Honey Farm, Dancing Bee Winery

The peanut butter proved tasty and handy on our hike the next day, but I will say that it was very crumbly for a spread. Although, if you put it in the microwave for 15 seconds it seems to smooth right on out.

Try to go when there isn’t a wine trail event, as the place doesn’t seem to accommodate many patrons at once. As-is, it would be a great experience for a couple of friends or a date. Although, the winery plans on expanding soon, so there might be opportunities for larger group functions in the future.


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