Crow’s Burger Shop in Temple

Crow's Burger Shop in Temple photo 1

I’ve been neglecting this little side project of mine for a while now, but not for lack of material. I’ve actually built up quite a collection of photos and savory weigh-in on some local eateries. My apologies for the lag, but here’s to starting the new year with some serious deliciousness!

The first of which involves a random hankering for something more substantial than the deli meat and cheese in the fridge, something terrible for your waistline but awesome for life at the same time: Crow’s Hamburger Shop in TempleCrow's Burgers

The boyfriend and I each got a cheeseburger, order of fries and a coke. It was a pretty tasty burger. And the price didn’t make me instant-regret my lunchtime decision.

(photos by Josh Bachman)

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