Labor Day at Browning’s Courtyard Cafe

After an incredibly strong midday chardonnay at Rising Star Winery in Salado, I found myself in dire need of something hardy before the drive home. Wondering around between two large gift shops, I decided on stopping in at Browning Courtyard Cafe.

The small restaurant lies in the recess between two large gift shops in Salado. It offers a modest menu of relatively inexpensive lunch items including daily soup and sandwich specials. My boyfriend and I each had a cup of soup, a sandwich and chips for about 21 bucks. 

Before I offer up my opinion, I should offer a little background: I love chicken salad. What’s more, I love my mom’s chicken salad. I think I should probably establish a rule about comparing dishes to those I loved growing up, but I probably won’t? I mean, my experience eating is basically all I have to go on during these culinary adventures, right?

Ok, so my chicken salad at Browning’s was definitely not Mother’s. Mostly, I think the pureed-style spread just wasn’t as delectable as the chunkier concoction my mother slathered on crackers for me as a kid.

The boyfriend’s roast beef sandwich was simply that: a sandwich. But he loves those, so we were good there.

The soup, “Mexicali,” could have easily just been called tortilla, but I can appreciate the fun with names as an attempt at branding.

All in all, our meal very filling and perfect for a low-budget, low-key day wandering around town.

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